Statement of Principles
Finding what we are passionate about and then passionately living in a way that benefits causes greater than ourselves, gives us purpose. We will not die never having lived doing what we were purposed to do.

“We belief faith and freedom are our guiding stars, for they show us truth, they make us brave, give us hope, and leave us wiser than we were.”  — Ronald Reagan

Statement of Principles

Every person lives by a certain set of inner guiding principles.  The men and women of Sterling Heritage Farms work force believe in and commit to guiding principles based on the following core beliefs:

We believe that God created Earth and made us stewards of it. 


These core beliefs affect our daily actions and guide our decisions in the following ways:

1. We are stewards of our resources and use these resources to the best of our ability to do the most good that we can do.  These resources include time, abilities, finances, animal life, and the land.

Time-  We believe in operational efficiency, integrity, and balance.  We strive to be as efficient as possible while at work, making the best use of our time that we can.  Sometimes is takes longer to do things the right way; we do not believe in sacrificing integrity in the interest of time.  We believe that we are better problem-solvers, more creative thinkers,  and safer when we have a life of balance.  We encourage time off with family, doing things that we enjoy.  God did not create us to run us ragged.  When we are here, we work very hard; then we take time for rest and relationships.

Abilities-  We believe in innovative solutions and challenging ourselves to use our abilities to their fullest potential.  We believe that each person’s unique combination of abilities makes our whole team better and that we are better together than we ever would be alone.

Finance-  We believe in following best business practices, using our finances conservatively, strategically, responsibly, and with integrity. We have checks and balances in place to ensure accuracy and
continue to refine these checks and balances as we refine our processes. 

Land and Life-  Without these resources we obviously could not be producers.  We believe in sustainable practices that enrich these resources and leave them better than we received them.

2. We create a highly productive work environment by being proactive, positive, passionate, and purposeful. 

Proactive-  We place an extremely high value on safety.  Being proactive means thinking through situations and trying to solve potential problems before they become a problem.  We are constantly bettering our knowledge base and practices.

Positive- Negativity has NO place in our work.  We have abundant reasons to be thankful.  We encourage each other, appreciate each other, and laugh together regularly.  We are a team.

Passionate-  We love what we do.  Life is too short to spend it any  other way.  Having passion for what we do fuels our drive forward.

Purposeful-   Finding what we are passionate about and then passionately living in a way that benefits causes greater than ourselves, gives us purpose.  We will not die never having lived doing what we were purposed to do.