Giving Back

Giving Back

Our Vision: Growing Innovation and Nurturing Stewardship with all that we have been entrusted with. 

Our Mission:  The SHF Team is dedicated to Servant Leadership

Stewardship and giving back are important to us. 
We support local efforts in our community as well as domestic and global efforts.

Global Ministries

Driving across Kansas on I-70 you'll see a sign that reads," Every Kansas farmer feeds 150 people and you."  Every couple of years that number increases as technology, research, and farming practices improve.  We are passionate about what we do.   We wish that all souls could be well-fed and free to do what they love as well.  We can't feed or free everyone, but we can do something.  Below are two global ministries we support.  Please click on their links, get educated, and get involved.  As the saying goes, "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Amazima Ministries



Katie Davis left her comfortable, familiar home and family after high school graduation to teach in Uganda.  In her book, Kisses from Katie, she chronicles her journey which led her to some of the poorest communities in the world.  Children who once ate dirt to have something in their stomachs now have food regularly.  Abandoned women with children they couldn't feed are now being taught a trade and employed.  These things are happening because one girl said "yes" to God's call to go love others and touch lives; more and more people are saying "yes" to support that ministry.  To learn more, purchase a necklace, or make a donation, please go to :

To read Katie's blog, visit:






Hand of Hope

Sterling Heritage Farms supports the Hand of Hope.  Hand of Hope works with over 50 established ministries worldwide to minister to those in need.  Hand of Hope supports vital ministeries that visit prisons, run feeding programs, and rescue the exploited.  One ministry that Hand of Hope supports is The A 21 Campaign.  The A 21 Campaign (the campaign to abolish trafficking in the 21st century) was founded to prevent people from being taken into trafficking, protect those who have been trafficked, prosecute those who are responsible for trafficking, and partner with communities and law enforcement to form a united front against trafficking.  Christine Caine, author of the book Undaunted, is a co-founder of the A-21 Campaign along with her husband, Nick.  She tells of 60 girls who were shipped in a box, promised jobs and a better life.  The oxygen container in their box broke and 30 died.  The remaining girls were hustled to small apartments, repeatedly raped, beaten, and eventually loaded on a ship bound for Greece.  When the Greek Coast Guard began conducting routine checks, the captors panicked and began throwing girls overboard.  Only five girls survived the ordeal.  Christine retells the conversation she had with one of these survivors and a group of other rescued girls; she says that one of the girls asked a haunting question, "Why didn't you come sooner?"  There are MANY ways to get involved.  Please read more at:  To get involved with Hand of Hope and become a partner, visit:



Domestic Ministries

Urban Promise


Vision:  To be a community in Christ of servant leadership and transformation, seeking a full life for all involved:  urban youth, families, staff, and volunteers in the neighborhoods of our city. 


Mission:  To equip children and young adults through Christ with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth, and servant leadership.

To learn more go to :


Local Ministries

SHF supports many community organizations. We are extremely active in our church - -(committees, teaching Sunday school, youth programs, worship teams, and Bible study); volunteer on Site Councils for both schools;  serve on the U.S.D. 376 School Board; and support local organizations and drives like Sterling Community Chest and the Chamber of Commerce.  Sterling is a beautiful place to live and work because of the climate of community and giving.   We are blessed to be a part of a much larger giving community.